Q. How are lessons structured?

A. Basic lesson information:

  • ​All lessons are private--just teacher and the student.
  • Lessons are 1/2 hour in length.
  • There are no contracts, but are set on on a month by month base.
  • Payment is due on the first lesson of each month; paid with cash or check.

Q. What happens if I miss a lesson?

A. If you miss a lesson, you pay for it anyway. If you let us know you won't be in, you get a make-up lesson. That is 

     either an additional lesson in the week or an hour lesson the next time you come for your lesson. You cannot use

     the make-up to replace a regular lesson. The make-up lesson has to be taken within a month of the missed day

     and it has to be taken in while you are a regularly scheduled student.

Q. How many books do you use?

A. Guitar: a Primer, a book with real music, while you are in that book, you also learn

                  chords and finger positions. After that what ever music you want to play.

    Piano: Basically all lessons are prepared individually. Beginning usually lessons from a book I wrote combined with

                 a primer, then another lesson book, then "real" musicwhich varies by student.

                    Advanced students all music is chosen just with them in mind.

    All Theory and Reality: All lessons are designed with the needs of each student in mind. 

Q. What age do you take students?

A.  6 years and older.

Q. Can I take an hour lesson instead of a 1/2 hour? 

A. To start you don't need an hour lesson. By taking an hour lesson, you don't learn twice as fast. There is only so much your brain can handle

     at a time. Hour lessons are for when you have progressed far enough to benefit from the additional time.

Q.  Do you give recitals?

A.  No, not usually. When a student is focused only on the piece they are going to perform, they don't progress in any other way. 

Q.  Can I take lessons ever other week. 

A.  No, with weekly lessons, the student shows the most progress.

Q.  What do lessons cost?

A.  Call for price.